Scott was my lawyer i can say he is a very nice person he help me with my citizenship in a very short time he took the time to help me study and now he is also helping my husband with he’s citizenship i really recommend he is Excellent Muchas Gracias



In this present pandemic, I can say that specially as immigrants, we can no longer afford to hold in high regard any individuals, institutions, religions or structures that do not view compassion as presence. Scott, proved to be a human willing to calmly be present in the difficult times. He was incredibly knowledgeable, a true advocate for his clients, not only an attorney but a humanitarian. This is someone you would not only want as an attorney but as a friend (and this is important to immigrants like me, we don’t want a robot sin sentiemientos, este tipo si tiene corazon.) I cannot say enough good things. If you need an immigration attorney that will fight for you, communicate with you, and get the job done this is him.


Review an amazing lawyer

Mr. Girard is more than a lawyer he is really down to earth. He got my Immigration case and resolved in very short time, which I expected longer time. Now I am proud and A happy US citizen and Blue passport Holder. More of that I am ready to cast my first vote as US citizen.
Thank you Mr. Girard.


Mr. Success

My employer has given me an option to choose my own attorney, so I was looking for very good attorney for my Green card process in EB1. I have found Rabi and couple of other attorneys in Avvo. I have approached few attorneys before speaking with Rabi, but the way Rabi responded to my questions and the confidence that he has given to me was extraordinary. I did not want to take any chance as our firm is small and decided to go with Rabi for my Green card. My option did not go wrong and my first step in getting GC success is choosing Rabi as my attorney. I got GC without RFE in short span. To speak about Rabi, He is Smart, Knowledgeable, very patient, matured and reliable. He is prompt to respond, listen to all our questions and do not compromise at all in documentation. His documentation and writing skills are exceptional that make any complex case much simpler in USCIS perception. I have recommended Rabi to my employer, who brought successful H1s to my emp


Senior Technical Recruiter

Rabi, Is a very good immigration attorney. he was always available to give his support both for the suggestions and the documentations. He is very patient with utmost professionalism and dedication when driving with my petition. I always recommend him for any kind of immigration advice.


Professional and Simply the BEST

I approached him for conversion to green card from the student visa. He is very knowledgeable, professional and detail oriented. Filed all the paper work in such short frame of time. Always available to answer any questions that come up in the mind. I wish him all the best in the future.

Thanks so much!!!


Reliable and Great Immigration Lawyer

I contacted Rabindra for my H-1B initial approval, amendment and conversion from L1-A. He helped me in all possible ways and assisted to collect right set of documents needed for my visa to get approved. He is very communicative, he responded timely for any questions or doubts I had on my case. He is always calm and confident on work what he is doing. Rabi is simply awesome, he is a professional and reliable attorney which I would recommend to everyone.


Reliable, timely, communicative, good work

I contacted Attorney Rabindra Singh regarding my H1b transfer to my new company after layoff by my old employer. He spent time listening to the complete case, and helped me understand the legal timelines when it comes to layoffs. He is very communicative. I was able to get clarifications with a text at any time of the day, which is very much required during the process. He answers all the questions with proper explanation. His knowledge on the subject is commanding. He made sure my application was filed on time despite the challenges he had on his end. I really appreciate his dedication. I would highly recommend Rabindra for immigration related issues.



I hired Mr Singh through my Employer to help me regarding my I-485 process. He guided me and my wife through the process and was very comforting. He knew what he was doing and answered every possible question that we had. Just his presence in the interview room made me 100 times more confident and I wasn’t a bit scared during the interview process. He can handle any immigration issue ranging from easiest to the most complicated ones. I give him all the credit for getting my Green Card and cannot thank him enough


My sister and her family in better and safest place on earth. Mr. Rabindra Sing, young lawyer worked hard to made this happened

My Sister is a Registered Nurse and working in Middle East and applied for EB 3 category immigrant status in 2005. Down the road she lost communication and hope and abandoned process. She and my brother in law came to visit USA and and one day We had a loose talk about their lost attempt. Suddenly I contacted Mr. Judd Azulay and we got an appointment on very next day. After evaluating the situation Mr. Judd Azulay contacted Homeland Security and reinstated the case and assigned Mr. Rabindra Sing as in charge for the process. We are amazed with Mr. Sing that how effectively and professionally he handled the case. Mr. Sing managed this case in timely manner and give personal touch to give maximum importance to protect my sister and her family to bring them to USA with green card status. Today myself and my entire family is very very happy to see my sister and her family able to join us in USA and we are truly thankful to Mr. Judd Azulay and his Law firm and especially our lawyer and guardian angel Mr. Rabindra Sing. We thank Mr. Judd Azulay and Mr. Rabindra Sing for their hard work and dedication to help our family.


We were very luck to work with him

Rabindra simply changed our lives, we are very grateful. He took an impossible case, he knew what he was doing, instead of us chasing him, he chased us for our paperwork. He was very detail oriented, his team had great follow up skills, he answered our questions on the spot and he always had time for every question we had. He was very professional, very patient, very hard working. Because of him and his amazing team we received our as all the other immigration lawyers we consulted called ‘impossible case’ . We can’t wait to work with him for our next extension. We would highly recommend. Thank you Rabi!


He is simply the BEST!

It was almost an impossible situation for my brother and his family to legally remain in the US and longer, we met several attorneys before and they all recommended them to leave the country before they get into more trouble with USCIS. Mr. Singh knew what he was doing and his whole team was very coordinated, on top of everything we had a few days to submit the application which was a very complicated one. Mr. Singh was very patient, very direct and extremely professional during the whole time. He even worked over the weekend to make sure he was going to be on top of everything. We were very impressed when we read his response to USCIS after we received ‘Intent to deny’ letter from them. I have a lot to say but there is not enough room here. We are very lucky to have worked with such a professional lawyer, we truly appreciate everything he’s done for us and WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thanks MR SINGH!


Professional, detail oriented, and a proven track record

Rabi and his firm successfully navigated my case through time constraints and processing delays. Very professional, detail oriented, and with a proven track record – I would definitely recommend Rabi for those seeking immigration services.



I hired Rabindra Singh and his firm to handle an H1b case. We were provided with detailed instructions regarding what documents our firm needed to prepare at each step in the process. When we needed additional advise or feedback Rabindra was always willing to set up a call to consult. With his support were successful in receiving the desired H1b


My experience

Rabi was not only very knowledgeable and dedicated he was also very companionate and responsive.
Throughout the proccess he took the time to explain all the details and steps even though my case was very complicated.
I highly recommend working with Rabi.


Very satisfied clients

Our organization hired Rabindra Singh to guide us through the green card process for one of our employees. We had just terminated the services of a different immigration attorney we had hired after having expended significant funds on clearly inadequate representation. Mr. Singh took control of our bad situation and successfully guided us through the various, arduous steps of the processes. He and his assistant were consistently with us at every step, and we were always confident the process was proceeding smoothly and successfully. I wish we had retained him in the first place; he would have saved us much aggravation and wasted money. Mr Singh’s competence in immigration law was clearly evident as he navigated difficulties that had previously been unexplained to us and which had caused us prior frustration and problems. We are extremely satisfied with his representation and outcomes, and recommend Mr Singh without reservation.


Was naturalization process

What I can say- only GOOD comments, highly recommend to everyone. We were working with Mr Rabi on our naturalization documents! He’s awesome, extremely helpful, explains everything correct what you have to do. Jyst you have to be opened with him.Only good words and big big Thank you for everything! Indre&Giedrius


One of the best attorneys!

Mr. Singh is a profesional attorney which I would recommend to everyone looking for best legal advice and service.

F. Slate

Excellent Service

Rabi is truly professional and responsive. I would highly recommend him for any immigration related issues.


Good immigration lawyer

I had pleasure time working with him and he is a good lawyer. I had consulted him regarding my green card.


Rabi provided great and timely advise for filing H1B transfer petition

I was in shocked state when my position was removed by my previous H1B sponsorer without any prior notice and I was not too sure of the 60 day grace period either, the timeline or the different options I could employ. I consulted Rabi based on a friend’s suggestion and he was very helpful in suggesting the many different options that I could choose to maintain legal status. He also provided the exact timelines that I should be targetting to find an alternative employer/apply for change of status. I have heard that immigration lawyers try to employ fear tactics to fleece more fee, but Rabi is definitely not one of them. He is very genuine and very approachable each time I had a quick query or needed a confirmation in the process. I would definitely recommend him and rate him top-notch.


‘Would hired again’

We hired Mr. Rabi Singh for our case. He is absolutely cooperative no matter what I asked several things again and again. I recommend him who is really looking for a best lawyer.


Immigration Support

Rabi was instrumental in assisting us with hiring an H1B holder and obtaining full time employment for them through the immigration process.


Permanent Application and I-140 Petion

Rabin is very professional, I got my case approved. Thank you, Rabi!


Excellent Lawyer

Contacted Rabindra on several occasions for various legal issues. He is always very prompt in answering calls and emails.

His knowledge of not only immigration law but corporate law has always been one of the reasons we use his services.

Overall extremely happy with his services and would highly recommend him


L1A Petition

Rabi is a through professional and provides his clients with full support throughout the case. He has the expertise, quality of service and general congeniality I most value. He is consistent with his approach and remains available to his clients. His advice is reliable that one can fully depend upon.

Rabi is also creative in assisting effective business plans and explains the processes to his clients. His inputs were effective, and interactive.

He maintained an effective communications and his follow up with me throughout the preparation of the case was excellent. He is very much flexible and worked with me in different time zones as I was travelling and communicating with him from different locations. This allowed me to get his timely feedback to complete the documents in time. He conducted a very through review before the submission of our petition.

Without his dedication and assistance it would have been impossible to achieve a fanatic result.

I would strongly recommend Rabi to any potential client.

Muhammad Atif

Thank you!

Process was very smooth and all issues were addressed. Case was handled professionally and ultimately approve.


Outstanding Attorney

This is in recognition of tireless assistance provided by Mr. Rabindra Singh in preparing my I-130 RFE response. Rabindra is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and very dedicated attorney. He made sure that I got the right documents and his patience was evident with all the questions that I threw at him.
He rose to the challenge and submitted the best possible RFE response. My petition got approved in just 2 weeks after submitting the RFE response. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Jaspreet, Sydney

L1A Extension, I-539 and EAD got approved without RFE

Mine was a bit complex case and from the day one we contacted Rabindra, he gave us comfort and advised the correct path of action. After our scoping of the work to be done, in two days he handed over a comprehensive list of documents required for the task. It took a while for us to put together all the documents and hand over to him. He completed the submission in flat two days and also kept us informed all along the process. Communication from his team was excellent and to the point. We have applied for the same twice in the past and both times, there was RFE, However Rabindra almost assured us that he has taken care of everything and that got proved when I got the approval in 12 days (He advised us to for Premium Processing). He himself advised to apply I-539 & EAD together so it gets approved faster along with L1A.

Thanks Rabindra for a splendid job and I would strongly recommend Rabindra and his team for any kind of immigration related services.


Precise and Responsive

Rabindra Singh is a good attorney and I had a great time working with him. He is accurate and swift. He sees the big picture and also knows how to focus on the immediate tasks. His work inspired confidence and optimism in stressful times. I would be glad to work with Rabindra again.

Arijit Datta

Rabindra is an outstanding immigration attorney!

I had a very very good experience with him! He was always right on time with directing me to get all the important paper work . Rabindra was very patient with my english too , wich is my second language. A big thank you for that too!!! I can recommend him in first place to help you out with your immigration issues!!!


The best immigration lawyer!

Rabindra and his team is the best immigration lawyer I have worked with. Very knowledgeable, extremely professional and very successful.

I highly recommend Rabindra for immigration matters.


Outstanding service

NPZ Law Group lawyers are very professional and I highly recommend them. We are really pleased and very glad we came across them. We interviewed several law firms and never felt this comfortable. They really know what is going on regarding the immigration laws. Mr. Rabindra Singh was our case manager and he was very attentive, responsive and kept us updated. When he filed our case for L-1A visa, I was impressed by the level of knowledge, organization and professionalism displayed by him and the rest of NPZ Law staff

if you really want reliable and honest immigration law firm, NPZ Law Group is the right choice


Excellent experience

I have been very stressed over my case, the knowledge and experience of a lawyer was not enough to give me peace, through almost a year long process Rabindra has been incredibly responsive and understanding of my both emotions and stress apart from the complex process he was guiding me through. Thank you


An outstanding immigration attorney!

Rabindra Singh has handled several immigration matters for members of my family. He kept us informed at every step in the process. His work was always of the highest standard. He checked and double checked everything for accuracy. We came to him after another attorney filed documents which contained errors that cost us precious time. Rabindra was always accessible and willing to answer our questions. I highly recommend Rabindra.


Sr. Compliance Officer

I’m grateful for his imminent and prompt guidance to me on my several queries pertaining to US Immigration and Employment laws. It does always feel good to hv some body of such a talent by my side. You can approach him anytime. I never felt that I need to approach any other sources as his commands over Immigration matters are commendable. US need such attorney who thinks out of box and committed to help u by going extra mile. I recommend him for his all work, articles, professional videos, legal interpretation of crucial Immigration/ legal matters impacting wide Immigrant population. Keep it up and let the zeal to help immigration community continues forever.
Marry X-mas and Happy New Year

Ritesh Kumar

An Efficient Immigration Attorney!

Esq Rabindra K. Singh, Associate Immigration attorney at Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak Law Group, (NPZ Law Group), P.C. is hardworking, smart, customer friendly & result oriented immigration attorney of the team of immigration attorneys of the America’s # 1 Immigration Law Firm. At the firm, there is a multilayer sharing of knowledge for all related immigration issues in benefits of the clients, with in the frames that the law provides. Rabindra K. Singh has really handled my file carefully & successfully.


— Someone Grateful to Have —

Rabindra is one of the excellent lawyers I have ever met. I gave him a full 5-star for each one of the category listed above for his constant patience, responsiveness, and efficiency. A few applications that he had guided and helped (i.e., H1 Visa and H4 change of status) were approved and pending which I strongly believe will get approved too with Rabindra’s well preparation and profession. We will definitely do more businesses with him in the near future. Highly recommended!


Very reliable, answers really fast

Rabindra has been really helpful during my H1B VISA process, he made sure I was informed of everything and answered my emails and phone calls right away. It was a real pleasure working with him.


Rabindra Singh, Esq. – Staff Attorney at NPZ Law Group

Rabindra Singh, Esq. is an excellent professional immigration law professional. He continues of offer ideas that are “out of the box” and which continue to be valuable to the clients of the Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group, P.C. Rabindra is also a versatile immigration lawyer because he is able to consume detailed issues from NPZ’s business and family-based clients. It is without hesitation that I recommend Rabindra and am proud to have him as a member of the Nachman Phulwani Zimovcak (NPZ) Law Group Team.

David Nachman

E2 case

I have worked with Mr. Singh in the recent couple of months on my E2 case, i found in him the confident attorney how knows what he is doing, very quiet and smart man,who listen, think, and give you the solutions. i felt he is reading my thoughts and answers my questions even before i talk with him, many times he answer my questions when it was not his working hours,.
i just want to say thank you and am great-full for what you did for me, i know ill work with you soon again.


Great Immigration Lawyer!

Many thanks Mr. Rabindra K. Singh for his work. His high professionalism and knowledge in the field of jurisprudence helped me in a very difficult case. I am completely satisfied with the result. Great professional!
Thanks again!