Monday March 16, 2020



L1A Extension, I-539 and EAD got approved without RFE

Mine was a bit complex case and from the day one we contacted Rabindra, he gave us comfort and advised the correct path of action. After our scoping of the work to be done, in two days he handed over a comprehensive list of documents required for the task. It took a while for us to put together all the documents and hand over to him. He completed the submission in flat two days and also kept us informed all along the process. Communication from his team was excellent and to the point. We have applied for the same twice in the past and both times, there was RFE, However Rabindra almost assured us that he has taken care of everything and that got proved when I got the approval in 12 days (He advised us to for Premium Processing). He himself advised to apply I-539 & EAD together so it gets approved faster along with L1A.

Thanks Rabindra for a splendid job and I would strongly recommend Rabindra and his team for any kind of immigration related services.