Monday March 16, 2020



He is simply the BEST!

It was almost an impossible situation for my brother and his family to legally remain in the US and longer, we met several attorneys before and they all recommended them to leave the country before they get into more trouble with USCIS. Mr. Singh knew what he was doing and his whole team was very coordinated, on top of everything we had a few days to submit the application which was a very complicated one. Mr. Singh was very patient, very direct and extremely professional during the whole time. He even worked over the weekend to make sure he was going to be on top of everything. We were very impressed when we read his response to USCIS after we received ‘Intent to deny’ letter from them. I have a lot to say but there is not enough room here. We are very lucky to have worked with such a professional lawyer, we truly appreciate everything he’s done for us and WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thanks MR SINGH!